Collection of Beautiful Asian Wedding Cakes

Are you planning on an Asian Wedding Ceremony in the UK? If so you will want to learn as much as you can about the different types of cakes and their history in the UK. In modern western society the cake traditionally is on show and served at the wedding reception. Most do have everything from the newest trends to the oldest flavors however, there are still thousands of different beautiful hand painted wedding cakes and expert tips for creating your masterpiece. This is also a good basic white wedding cake for you that doesn’t go over the top in colors.

Get Your Asian Wedding cakes

If you choose to serve your Asian Wedding cakes at your reception venue, it is very important to have the correct cake decorating tools. This could be anything from a nice Asian wedding cake topper to a nice cake knife set. However, most good bakery’s will have the basics to get you going. Here are the basics to help you make your cake:

Beautiful cake toppers are a must when it comes to Asian cakes. There are numerous types of beautifully made toppers to choose from. A variety of flowers can be used to dress up the top of the cake as well as small children dressed up in party dresses. Most visitors to the Asian wedding will want to take home one of the beautiful cake toppers that were used as decorations at the reception and this can add some much-needed glamour to any wedding.

Beautiful Decorations Cake Design

Another thing you will need to consider are the beautiful decorations placed on the cakes. Often, in India and many other parts of Asia, a piece of silk ribbon is tied around the edge of the cake to make it more attractive. The same technique can be used when using candles to decorate the cakes as well as ribbons and bows. You will need to have a suitable candle holder or vase to place these decorations in so that they do not end up causing a fire hazard. Don’t miss reading dessert recipes for weight loss that really works.

One final decoration item that is often used at the Asian wedding reception is a stock photo edit of the couple standing next to each other. Often this is done on the wedding cake itself but it can be placed on a separate piece of stock photo paper. The Asian version of this is often in colour, although black and white versions can also be found. If you want to use Asian text to do the edit, the best choice is always to use Chinese text and to avoid using English words. Using simple images like this can be very effective at adding some very special touches to an otherwise ordinary-looking cake.

Choosing the Right Asian Wedding Cake Recipe

The type of Asian food that is served at the Asian wedding cake recipes will vary somewhat. Some of the more traditional foods that are served include desserts such as ice creams and sorbet. Other popular foods include sushi and Indian curries, although you can also find European bakeries that specialize in traditional Asian foods such as the Japanese Koi fish cake. Choosing the right Asian wedding cake recipe is a personal choice but you can also choose to serve a cake that is filled with fruits or vegetables rather than the traditional chocolate cakes.

How to Order Your Cakes

In order to select the right cake topper for your Asian cake you should look for one that has a Chinese style design. These cake toppers are available on many different online stores including the popular Amazon marketplace. Alternatively, down River Southeast Michigan offers many beautiful and unusual toppers that are created from old photographs. The cake photo topper is then created by hand by a team of local artists, who receive no training in cake design. This creates a unique Asian inspired cake for every single table at the wedding reception.

There are many Asian wedding cakes available throughout the United States. You will find them displayed at many of the larger wedding preparation stores as well as smaller boutique bakery style shops. The best way to save money is to book your wedding reception well in advance of the date that you would like to have it held. When planning your Asian wedding cakes and toppers you should look to have a large variety of fresh fruit and vegetable flowers to choose from.

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