20+ Healthy recipes we must bring back to our kitchen in 2022

When you remember the meals of yesteryear, your mind might immediately flash to nightmarish images of Jell-O molds, boiled vegetables, and bland baked meats. Don’t let these false memories cloud your opinion of classic dishes—after all, they laid the building blocks for all of our favorite weekend classics. From meatloaf to fresh vegetables and more, many time-honored recipes are due for a comeback. Don’t miss reading Folate rich foods for healthy male reproductive organ

Whether you grew up with old-school dishes or you just want to redefine some nostalgic menus for your family, classic recipes deserve a place in the rotation. Each one of these meal ideas could revitalize your cooking routine and send you back to your childhood with a wave of nostalgia.

Even if you have nightmares of cafeteria meatloaf, giving this classic another shot can make you realize why this staple was such a hit. This throwback recipe brings everything home and reminds you of all the rich flavors of beef, tomatoes, and that iconic meatloaf texture.

Fried fish has always come across tables as a dinner standard, but it gets harder and harder to find fried catfish on the menu at most dinners. This recipe will make you remember why this economical fish was such a favorite, and it will evoke memories of fish fries and summer days. With a crispy cornmeal crust and an easy frying technique, this recipe is achievable for any home cook.

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Whether you grew up in the North or the South, you’ve likely tried some variant of this classic dish that has stretched far and wide across America. The tender, chewy dumplings provide a perfect textural pairing with the moist chicken. It all gets coated in a down-home gravy that whips up nostalgia in an instant. For a trip down memory lane, bring this classic to a table near you.

Everyone remembers their first green bean casserole, likely made with cream of mushroom soup and fried onion straws. Even if you eventually burnt out on this dish as a kid, now is the perfect time to explore the casserole again. By mixing up the ingredients, you can avoid any traumatic memories of canned green beans and use only the freshest produce to make this dish pop.

Searching for ingredients off the beaten path always ensures you can find some good throwback recipes. Sweetbreads, a type of organ meat, have slowly crawled back into culinary fashion, so why not experience a blast from the distant past with this rich and scrumptious recipe? This French-inspired specialty will only impress your company and expand your library of easy dinner recipes you can whip out any weekend.

Sometimes, simplicity brings out the best flavors from quality ingredients. This old-fashioned recipe takes that mentality to heart by pairing fresh carrots with a sweet and rich honey butter glaze. You’ll not only evoke generations past, but you’ll also whip up a new family favorite everyone can love that costs little time and money to prepare. To round out your dinner, this should prove an instant favorite.

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When you imagine an old-fashioned Sunday meal, each table spread probably includes a baked ham and bread offered up for everyone. This take on a classic refines what everyone loved about a night at home on the weekend by featuring a delectable honey-glazed ham. Paired with the fluffy cheddar muffins, each bite of ham will be a taste of heaven.

You probably haven’t thought about Hamburg steaks in quite some time, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t take a crack at this once-popular staple. They’re easier to make than traditional steaks on the grill. And each portion packs in so much flavor, you’ll wonder why you never tried this recipe sooner.

It’s harder to find Sunday Chili on home menus nowadays. This classic not only provides a cumin kick to liven up any night, and one big pot could last for days. With easy-to-find ingredients and little prep work, this dish deserves a revival.

In the ’50s and ’60s, home cooks paired novel items in ways you might never have expected. While many of these recipes deserve to have died out, some deserve a second chance. For instance, root beer-glazed ham stood out from the crowd by providing that sugary bite usually drawn from a honey glaze. And the acidity of the soda helps tenderize the meat, making for one delectable ham. If you’ve only heard rumors of this dish, now is the best time to give this recipe a shot!

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If you hear the word “mincemeat” you probably picture an unappealing flavor and texture combo that couldn’t be further from the truth. (And if you’re confused, we’re talking about dried fruit, not ground meat.) These traditional pies show that simple ingredients are all you need to make a family staple. They’re quick to whip up and can impress everyone you share them with.

Roasts have existed for centuries, but the simplest versions are often to be the best. This double pork combo features a rich and luscious tenderloin wrapped in crispy, salty bacon that will leave your mouth watering. Just make sure to cook up some extra portions, as you know everyone will want seconds of this classic dish.

Meat pies have gone the way of the dinosaurs for no good reason. This flaky, buttery fish pie uses the delicate flavor of whitefish and presents an exciting way to experience fish that even picky eaters can enjoy. Try out this recipe that your forefathers would love and learn why it was a favorite years ago.

Stews have existed through time as some of the most durable, family-favorite dinners. This recipe allows you to whip up a pot of this classic dish that could feed an army and explore the original flavors that made stew such an appealing dinner. By adding in some dumplings, you can guarantee this meal will stick to your ribs and keep you well-fed.

Instant Pots have been a kitchen blessing, and they can make cooking classic recipes a whole lot easier. This quick and easy pot roast will make you see this dish in a new light and fill in any craving you have for a meat-and-potatoes meal. After just one bite, you might find your new weekday meal.

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This retro recipe takes a twist on the classic lamb and mint jelly formula by turning the jelly into a mint chimichurri. This recipe is sophisticated enough to serve at any dinner party and can be easy enough to make any day of the week. If you haven’t given lamb a shot, this should be your gateway in.

Pot pies are instant classics, but very few home cooks tend to make them these days. Why not explore the past with this classic recipe that takes all the flavors of this vintage dish and makes it easy to fix up at home? This easy-to-concoct meal is a great way to start more comfortable working with pastries, and if you don’t feel confident in your abilities, you can use store-bought dough to save some time.

You may have seen canned corned beef hash for sale at stores or watched your grandparents eat it, but nothing compares to making it at home. With one bite, you’ll remember why this dish became such a staple that has survived through the years. Just make sure to pace yourself, as you’ll want to gobble everything you make up in one go.

Rediscover why lamb chops were such a hit by grilling up the perfect lamb with an herb crust that could please any palate. The deep flavor combinations can’t compare to any other boring lamb you’ve had in the past, and the herbs liven up this retro dish for the new era.

Croquettes used to appear on every table spread. Their crispy, fried goodness would be one of the most looked-forward-to items on the nightly menu. With the advent of modern cooking methods that emphasized quick meals, these labor-intensive items fell out of fashion, and you have probably forgotten all about them. By revisiting this classic in an easy-to-make recipe, you will rediscover why this classic dish was so beloved.

Roast lamb used to appear on home chefs’ menus frequently. But with fewer and fewer grocery stores carrying lamb meat, finding an opportunity to make this retro roast seems harder and harder. If you take the trip out to your butcher and gather up the proper ingredients, this historic favorite won’t disappoint. The tender juiciness of the meat compares to no other—you’ll be back for seconds.

Simplicity breeds the best recipes, and this vintage favorite pares roasted vegetables to their essence. Fresh, nutritious veggies caramelize and perfectly complement the cooked sausage. This meal is easy to make and will please anyone who tries it.

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