How to motivate yourself? A Scientific Guide to Motivate Yourself


Motivation is a powerful psychological force that is needed to do something with willingness and enjoyment.  Every person needs to get motivated; otherwise he/she will not be able to enjoy his/her work. If one cannot find happiness in work, the probability of hi failure in that particular is highly increased and gradually life seems meaningless and man tend to do suicide. So, it is very necessary to get motivated and to stay motivated. But, how to motivate yourself?

Some Misconceptions about Motivation

The common misconception of people about motivation is that they think – a person is motivated as a result of consuming a motivational video or reading an inspirational book passively. That means, a person feels motivated after starting a new behavior, not before. But this concept is not true.

Yes, after watching a motivational video, or after listening a motivational speech or reading a motivational book, you may become motivated but most of the people cannot hold this motivation for a long time.

Instead of passive motivator, active motivators are far more powerful.

Motivation is a complex feeling of human mind. Sometimes, it is a result of action and sometimes, it is the cause of taking action.

For example, you did not do any stage performance in your life but you can dance well. One of your friends admired you and inspired you to do stage performance. Here, motivation acts as the reason of your action. Being motivated, you have done a stage performance and everyone liked your dance. Then, for the next time you do not need your friend to get motivated, you will be able to stay motivated by yourself.  This time, you have been motivated as a result of your action.

Truly saying, it is hard to take the first initiative but after taking the first initiative, the following paths become easier.

How to Get Motivated to Take Action

Many people cannot use their energy and intelligence only because of the lack of motivation – it is really a matter of great regret not only for his own personal life, but also for his family and country.  The problem of not getting motivated and falling into depression gradually is increasing among the people of whole world. So, if you do not feel motivation in your work, do not wait to find out the paths of being motivated.

Do You Know How Does a Person Get Motivated?

Everyone desired for importance, everyone wants to get focused including old man to a little baby.  Yes, getting focused is the first step of being motivated. When you get focused in a community or feel yourself to be important to another person, you will automatically want to hold up this importance or focus.t Then you will feel a strength inside yourself to do hard work and this strength is called motivation.

Let’s discuss it step by step:

Step 1: Getting Focus

A person can get focused or can get importance to other persons in many ways which very situation to situation and person to person.

Tip 1: Fix up a Goal

Setting a goal is essential to start any work; otherwise the easiest work in the world may seem to you the hardest work. Actually, here goal means hope. Man cannot live without hope. Suppose, you want to start a business, after 5 years in which level you would like to see your business? This is your goal.

  • Take a writing pad and a pen
  • Now at the top of a blank page write your “Goal:……………………………….”

Now please read the headline Tip 1 once again and think for 5 minutes about it.

Have you found anything important?

In the headline “Fix up a Goal” – “a” is the most important term I have used. You should focus on only one particular area; if you want to grab so many things at a time, surely you will fail. You should also keep in mind one thing that you should select such goal about which you feel interest to do work.

Suppose, you like to draw pictures, then you may think about arranging an art exhibition.

So fix up only one goal and give your full concentration to reach that particular goal.

Tip 2: Gain Knowledge

Knowledge is the most powerful asset that never diminishes and the best friend of human being that never leaves you in danger. Whatever you are willing to do, do some studies about that – read some book, listen to the speech of people who have already done this work, gather knowledge about the experience of not only the succeeded persons but also the failed persons.

Tip 3: Share Your Thoughts with Your True Well Wishers or Like Minded People

Sharing your thinking with your true well-wishers is very beneficial to get motivated. But do not share it with others about whom you do not have any idea that how do they think about you?

You know jealousy is a common human instinct. There are so many people who like to mock others and thus leading you to lose motivation. So, after gaining knowledge about your intended work, if you think that you can accomplish that work, you can reach to your intended goal, and then share it with your true well-wishers. They will not only motivate you but also give you advice if there remains any fault in your thought or if any correction is needed.

Step 2: Gaining Confidence

Tip 1: Make an Effective Plan

Planning is the most important part to accomplish any work easily within a possible short time. After setting your goal now it is time to make a plan to reach your goal. Planning is the most important task to do any work, your success highly depends on the perfectness of your planning. Do not forget to balance the steps of your plan with your ability. Suppose, you are a patient of knee pain and in such situation, if you plan to run 1 kilometer in the morning, surely you will fail and your situation will become worse.

Notice that at the tittle of this tip I used the word “Effective”. Your whole effort may go in vain if you do not keep in mind this word while planning. Your success depends on your effective planning and your success is the basis of getting motivated.

2 Tips to Make an Effective Plan

  • Set the steps of your plan so that you can accomplish most of them by facing moderate difficulty or easily; keep a few steps to accomplish which you may need to go through hardship.
  • Keep a balance between your ability and your plan.

Tip 2: Always Think Positively

Positive thinking makes you strong and negative thinking makes you weak you from inside; while positivity motivates you, negativity discourages you.  May be you know about that popular theory about –“keep the glass full, not the glass empty”. Well, I am not going to tell you that old theory.

I shall request you to think about some of your characteristics which you consider as your weakness or because of which people treat you negatively.

For example, you are afraid of spiders. For this someone may call you a coward. But I think you are a cautious person because there are so many species of spiders that are very poisonous, only one bite may cause you to die.

Tip 3: Practice

You know practice makes a man perfect. If it is possible, (as it is not always possible to do practice in every situation) practice your intended work daily.

For example, you want to win an award in a singing competition. If you start practicing only about a few days ago, before the competition, there is less chance to win the award. But if you start practicing about a few months ago ,before the competition, your skill will develop more and the chance of winning an award also increases.

Tip 4: Dress up Smartly

It has been seen in a study that people dressing up smartly are more confident than people who do not dress up well.

Tip 5: Develop the Habit of Truthfulness

Truthfulness is the basis of honesty. Honesty along with truthfulness makes you stronger from inside i.e. increases your confidence. If you think deeply, you will realize that honesty is the basis of success which in turn is the trigger of motivation. So initially try to avoid at least one lie every day and thus develop a habit of truthfulness.

Tip 6: Be humble

Does it seem to listen strange that how humbleness can motivate yourself? Well, if you are humble to other people, gradually they will be your friend and you know while doing any work, you must face problems in your path. If you can develop a positive attitude about you in the people surrounding you, they will help you to come out of problems and the path of success will be easier for you.

Tip 6: Keep Track of Your Daily Activities

In order to reach the goal, it is very important to keep the track of your daily activities. Every night before going to sleep, try to remember your activity through the whole day and write down about the helpful work to reach your goal you have accomplished that day. Think – is that enough for that day or could you do more?

If you can follow the above tips at least 80%, I hope you will be able to get motivated.

Now I am going to give you suggestion about some common motivation problem that people feel as usual.

How to Get Motivated To Study?

Lacking of motivation in the study is a common problem among students. Most of the students do study just because that they have to do it, they cannot find amusement in their study, and they cannot enjoy it. For those depressed students, I am going to give some tips that I use to motivate myself to study.

8 Practical Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study

  1. Positive Mind setting

Mind setting is very important to start any work and the mind setting should be positive in your work. A common enjoyable thing such as- camping may also become boring due to negative mind setting.

The human mind is very complex, it is called that the human mind is a maze. If mind setting for study becomes very difficult for you, you may say a prayer. Prayer is very helpful to take mind in a static condition.

  1. Preparing study space

If your study space remains messy, clean it and keep everything orderly.

  1. Take some food

If you did not take food for hours before starting study take some food, but not take too much that your belly becomes completely full as eating so much food may cause sleepiness. Because now your stomach has to do much work to digest the food and instead of being energized by taking food, you may feel sleepy.

  1. Keep a bottle of water and a glass nearby

During study you may feel thirsty and going to drink water may break down your concentration. That’s why, keep a bottle full of water and a glass nearby.

  1. Wear a clean dress

Cleanliness refreshes our mind, so you may wear clean dress before starting to study.

  1. Stay away from smart gadgets and internet

The most common reasons of breaking down concentration during study are the smart gadgets and internet. It is better to keep smartphones, tabloids, iPhone, etc. switched off or away from sight.

You may say that you have to access in Internet for the purpose of study. But during the study, although you may enter in Internet for the purpose of study, but there is high possibility to enter into social sites such as – facebook, twitters, imo, etc., after some time. If you can control yourself from entering into these sites, then it is ok, but if you cannot, try to print out your required information and then start to read.

  1. Make a study Schedule

Make a study-schedule, divide your time – which subject you want to read for how long?

  1. Don’t just memories

Memorizing without understanding makes study boring. That’s why at first read a topic attentively for 3 times and then think about that topic at least for 5 minutes. Thus, you will find that specific topic interesting.

  1. Make a boring or complex subject interesting

You may feel bored to read certain subjects. For example- you may feel bored to read a history book. You can make it interesting by the following way:

  • While reading any topic, try to imagine that incident.
  • Think about the reason behind the occurrence of that incident.
  • If there is any movie related to that historical topic, watch that.

You can also make a subject, that seems complex to you interesting. For example- mathematics seems very complex to you. You can make this subject interesting by the following way:

  • Start with an easy math that you can understand well.
  • Then do all other alike maths.
  • After that, go to the next types given in your text book and try in the same way.
  • What you understand try to make it comprehensible to others who does not understand. It will enhance your skill.

How to Motivate Employee at Workplace?

It is quite challenging to keep the motivation level high at work place. The motivation strategy at work place varies depending on so many different factors. Here I am giving some low cost tips to motivate the employee at workplace (these tips are not specific to any industry)

  1. Recognize and Value Great Work of Your Employee

It is one of the most important factors in employee motivation that how often their hard work is recognized and valued.

If an employee continues to spend discretionary effort to produce excellent results, and that effort isn’t recognized and valued, he or she will be depressed and not willing to do hard work  further in future.

  1. Admire Your Employee

Admiration is another trigger of motivation. If you found any of your employees working hard, admire him/her. It is better not to admire in a conventional way, such as – “John, good job”; instead tell “Good job on that hotfix you added – it is dramatically decreased the number of website errors, and that makes a great difference in how customers experience our service.” Thus he/ she will be able to realize that he/ she is really doing a great job and it will accelerate his/her working speed.

  1. Be Positive

No one likes negativity, although if there is something wrong. As “To err is human”, try to make understand your employee about his / her fault in a positive way.

  1. Keep Healthy Snacks at Workplace

It is better to keep healthy snacks for the employee at the workplace. Food energizes the employee and also refreshes them.

  1. Arrange Picnic and Sport

For the refreshment of the employee, it is very beneficial to arrange picnic and sport every year.

Bottom Line:

Lack of motivation paralyses us mentally and this I the most dangerous disability which cannot be seen. That’s why in spite of having a healthy body so many people cannot use their energy and intelligence. On the other hand in spite of having a disabled body, so many people have been reached to the mount of success as they are not disable mentally, they can feel the force of motivation inside their mind, for example – Stephen Hawking, Ralph Braun, John HockenBerry, Marlee Matlin, Helen Keller – all of these people are physically disabled but they are mentally fit, they can feel motivation inside their heart, they can feel the force to do work and to go ahead.


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